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Wednesday, July 18th 2012

3:35 PM

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Related article: Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 18:08:58 +0100 From: Anthony Taylor Subject: Andys world - A Country Love chapter 10Andy's World - A Country Love 10By Anthony Taylor(c) 2005 all rights reservedThis story contains Sex between men. If you are under 18 in the UK (or Appropriate legal pictures preteens age in your country) please stop reading here. preteen young illegal If such Mentioned material may offend you please stop reading too. This story is Fiction and any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence.Though this story may involve unsafe sex (It is only fiction), I believe In playing safe, (look after yourself, and your partner).Authors Notes: -Well this is the final chapter of Andy's World -- A Country Life. But we will continue to follow Andy and Steve in Andy's World -- New beginnings, which will follow the next part of Andy's life.Hope you enjoy my story, and of course preteen blowjobs bbs please email me with your comments good or bad. It is always nice for us writers to know others are reading our stories, and know what readers think of the stories as they develop. anthonytaylor121hotmail.comFor more of my stories please check out my website at:http://www.anthonys-digital-world.co.ukEnjoy!!Country LoveChapter tenAndy woke to the smell of bacon cooking, which was a Webster Christmas tradition to have an over the top Christmas breakfast, Andy's favourite part of the day, well almost. He didn't jump up out of bed; he was enjoying the warmth and the aroma of breakfast being cooked by Dave his dad, whose Christmas role had always been to preteen story nude cook breakfast. humpty pic preteen Feelings of happy memories came rushing back to Andy from past Christmases. It took Andy back to preteen lesbian sex his childhood for a while, as he came out of his trance like state he couldn't help himself and started sobbing. "Why does life get so difficult when you grow up? Why can't I be open with my parents about the man I love and want to grow old with?" thought Andy as his mom called him down for breakfast. Andy pulled himself together and quickly got dressed in comfy clothes, splashed his eyes with cold water to hide his red eyes from crying and went downstairs and into the kitchen."Merry Christmas Mom, Dad" said Andy in his best effort of a happy voice and actions and failing."Merry Christmas Son" said Dave his dad noticing his son wasn't his usual self."Merry Christmas son, com and give your mom a big hug" said Helen forgetting that her little boy was now a man. Andy walked over to his mom and gave her a kiss and a hug. Again his mom noticed that Andy had been crying not so long ago, but like Dave decided it was best to let it pass for the moment. They both knew that Andy always talks when he has sorted his thoughts out and if they pressured him he would only back away and bottle up his thoughts."Breakfast smell good Dad" said Andy trying to lighten up the mood."It's always been my favourite part of Christmas" he preteen russ an added."Oh has it now, then you wont want any presents this year will you" Joked his mom."Ok, Ok second favourite part then" Laughed Andy as he help his mom set the table for 3d pedo preteen breakfast whilst Dave his dad continued to cook breakfast."Wow a White Christmas" thought Steve as he looked out of his bedroom window after getting washed and dressed."Wonder what my sex god is doing right now" Steve giggled to himself on the way downstairs to the kitchen and his Aunty who had just finished cooking breakfast."Morning Aunty" he said as he walked to her and gave her a tight hug almost too tight to allow her to breathe."Oh sorry Aunty, I'm just so happy and excited, Andy has made me the happiest man in the world." He added"Well yes I can see that he has a strange effect on you. Merry Christmas son" replied his Aunty laughing.After breakfast Steve and his Aunt made their way to the church and joined Andy and his parents for the Christmas service. Both Andy and Steve had not been attending church, but both had always attended the Christmas service as they found out one preteen nude top100 night whilst exchanging snippets of their lives to one another.They all enjoyed the service and thanked the Vicar as they walked out of the church and back into the cold Christmas morning. As they started walking towards Andy's parent's house, Andy and Steve dropped back a little and shouted that they would be along in a few minutes."Hi sexy alone at last" grinned Steve."Yeah oh I wish we didn't have to hide like this Steve" replied Andy."Things will be fine Andy, and one day soon you will feel able to tell your parents that your gay" replied Steve as he pulled Andy into a secluded bus shelter and pinned him to the wall, and kissed Andy passionately""Wow where did that come from?" asked Andy."You complaining like?" grinned Steve"Nope but it was kind of a surprise" sample preteen nude Replied Andy with a slight smile as both pairs of their lips reconnected for another passionate kiss."Thanks Steve, for being here for me" Andy almost whispered as he broke the kiss."You don't need to thank me silly, I'm here for you and always will be" replied Steve as they smartened their clothing after their little rumble."Yeah I know. I'm sorry, my head is just a little mixed up at the moment" Andy said softly as they started walking to his parent's house."Well just remember your problems are my problems, we're a team Andy" Steve told him softly but sincerely as Andy went to open his parent's front door."Yeah I know, thanks Steve" replied Andy and gave Steve a very quick kiss on his forehead."Ok well here we go" said Steve giggling."Don't this is going to be hard enough as it is" replied Andy trying but failing to keep a straight face."It didn't feel that hard when I rubbed again... Oh merry Christmas Mrs Webster" Steve said quickly changing his words as Andy's mom walked out of the kitchen and into the hallway where the two young men were standing."Merry Christmas Steve, now where is that mistletoe" she giggled as Steve's face blushed red."Moom your embarrassing Steve" Andy complained."Hey it's ok for you young ones, but I have to wait till Christmas every yeah to get a sexy preteens pixs chance to kiss handsome young men."What's going on here" Asked Andy's dad as he came to find out what all the laughing was about."Oh mom is just trying to seduce Steve with the mistletoe" laughed Andy."You're at it again with that mistletoe dear. Every year I'm thrown on the scrap heap" Laughed Andy's dad as he joined in the fooling around.Not to be left out Steve's Aunt chipped in sample preteen nude with "Well if you're having Andy Helen I will take your Andy""Why is it parents always manage to embarrass their sons and daughters" Thought Andy looking down at the floor hoping that it would open up and consume Steve and himself away from those preteen nonude insest mad, mad people known as parents and aunty, but of course there wasn't and he had to endure the seasonal banter a little longer. It was as though the two women were intent on causing the two young men the maximum amount of embarrassment, of course only in the fun way."Phew, I thought you said today would be ok" whispered Andy as he followed Steve towards the dining room."It could be worse" replied Steve."suppose so, oh well it is Christmas, season of good will and all that, besides I think your aunty is one mighty sexy alimodelo preteen lady" said Andy trying to keep a straight face, both of course they both ended up in fits of laughter.Dinner was calm as the fooling around ceased and conversation turned to past Christmases and a look back over the last year of their lives. This made Steve and Andy look back on their relationship and how quickly it had developed into a loving partnership. Both men thought how lucky they were to have the other in his life. Once again Andy felt emotional and almost brought to tears though he managed to hold back and hide his emotions.After the dinner Steve and Andy excused themselves and headed up to Andy's old bedroom, so they could be a little more affectionate with one another."It's no good Steve after Christmas I'm going to have to come out to them, I can't cope with the secrecy all the time." sobbed Andy."Ok honey, we will work on it when we get back home, figure out some sort of plan" replied Steve who himself felt quite emotional and concerned about Andy."Thanks Steve, you're my tower of strength, I couldn't do this without you being there for me" replied Andy."The boys must get on preteen nude top100 really well for them to spend so much time together, anyone would think that they were married if they were man and woman" commented Andy's mom after the boys went preteens nude modles upstairs."They are good kids and rub off on one another" replied Steve's Aunty."It is a bit strange though, they do spend an awful lot of time together" Andy's dad chipped into the conversation. The three older members went into the living room to watch the Queens speech on the TV."Well we better go down stairs sexy before they send the boys to get us" laughed Steve."Just one more kiss" was Andy's reply not wanting to break the tight embrace between himself and Steve."I suppose five more minutes won't hurt," sighed Steve knowing there was no way Andy would move real teen preteen if they didn't have another kiss, as they both entered into a gentle but passionate kiss.Time must have rolled on and on as they were both in a world of only two people when they heard Andy's mom calling them down for something to eat."Shit" they both pretty preteen panty said immediately more as a reaction than any real speech."Yes mom two minutes" shouted Andy.Both men looked at one another with expressions of horror on their face, which soon melted and they were giggling like two school kids getting caught snogging behind the bike shed."Suppose we better get down there." Said Andy"Yeah I think that might be a smart move, unless you want to give them a subtle hint of your sexuality" teased Steve."That is so not funny Steve!" Andy responded punching Steve's right shoulder in fun."Ouch, so now you're a wife beater" said Steve in a mock hard done by housewife's voice."Oh we thought that you two had gone back home" quipped Andy's mom as they entered the kitchen."We sort of both fell asleep" replied Steve."Steve can sleep on a clothes line" Commented his aunt raising an eye brow as she looked in Andy and Steve's direction causing both of them to turn slightly red and squirm with the embarrassment, which caused her to smile."So does Andy" his dad butted in, causing Andy's mom and Steve's Aunty to laugh. Steve and Andy just shook their heads at their family members.After having their sandwiches they all returned to the living room and for some reason unexplained the TV was on in the back ground though no one was taking any notice of what was on. The conversation went down many different paths but remained light hearted and joyful.As their glasses became empty Andy went over to where his dad had put the alcohol and started pouring Steve and himself a drink. As Andy made his way back across the room the news came onto the Television."A 19 year old man was shot dead by his Father. It is believed the reason his father shot him is because he found out his son was gay. Police have not confirmed any details yet" said the news caster."God I don't really know what I would say if Andy told me he was gay, but he would still be my son, and nothing changes that" said Andy's Dad"Same here" said Andy's mom."Mom & Dad I am glad that you feel that way, because I am gay" said Andy almost in a whisper as his throat suddenly became extremely dry. Andy was shaking as Steve came up to him and put his arm around his partner for support. Andy looked towards Steve and gave him a slight smile of thanks."This is no time for jokes Andy" said his mom, believing Andy was only fooling around."I'm not joking whispered Andy" as he suddenly felt all strange and the room darkened as his body fell into Steve's arms."Andy, Wake up love" said his mom as she gently patted his cheeks trying to wake Andy up."I think we better call an ambulance" stated him mom."Mrs Webster can I have a go at waking him up" asked Steve and Andy's mom motioned him in."It's ok Andy, everything is going to be fine like I promised" whispered Steve and just as he finished his sentence, Andy's eyelids flickered and he started moving his arms."Oh Andy, are you ok" cried his Mom"Yeah I think so" preteen young illegal he replied as he started to focus on where he was and what he had said before he fainted."Why didn't you come and to me and your dad that you were gay" she cried"I didn't know how to or how you would feel if I did" Andy replied calmly."Well we will support you, you're our young amsterdam preteens son and that's the end of. " Said his Dad"Oh I've wanted to tell you for months, I wanted to tell you how happy I am but I wasn't able to" sobbed Andy as Steve held his hand tightly in support."You wanted to tell us what son?" asked his dad as he realised what Andy was about to announce, as he clicked how concerned and supportive Steve had been towards catalog of preteen Andy."I am in love with a wonderful man, someone who has been so supportive and wonderful. Mom and Dad Steve and I are in love with each other." Andy finished his sentence.There was a few minutes awkward silence as everyone gathered their thoughts."Well I guess that makes us family" laughed Steve's Aunt, and soon they were all in uncontrollable fits of laughter."Well If Steve make's you happy, preteen bbs sites then we are happy aren't we Helen" said Andy's dad as he went and shook Steve's hand and then hugged Andy."Yes we are, and for what it's worth I think you have good pre teen masterbation choice and tastes, hasn't Andy got a cute bum" added Andy's mom as she followed her husband in showing her support by hugging both Andy and then Steve."You don't know how happy you have made me feel Mom and Dad, I can now stop lying and real teen preteen hiding who I am and start living my life fully." Steve said still almost whispering."I guess we better buy a double bed for your next visit" laughed Andy's mom as things slowly returned to normal.Andy went with Steve back to his aunt's house, whilst she stayed at the Webster's to give them a little support in coming to terms with the evenings events."I'm just so happy he has finally told us, but can't help to wish preteen boy speeds he felt able to tell us earlier" commented Andy's dad."There that wasn't that bad was it" said Steve as he stroked Andy's forehead as they lay in Steve's bed."No I guess not. Thanks Steve, you don't know how much having you there holding me, helped me" commented Andy."Well you can start living your life openly" replied Steve, realising he was talking to himself as Andy was asleep.End of Chapter TenTo Be Continued......Thanks to everyone who has emailed me, I try to reply to every email. I welcome all emails whether they are telling meYou like my stories or constructive criticism, they are all important to me.Check out my other stories at my website,http://anthonys-digital-world.co.ukDrop me a line at anthonytaylor121hotmail.comTake care until the next chapter
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